Happa Spirit Eyes

So I have a thing for eyes…you know, in addition to my thing for hair and clothes. :P I’m fairly picky though when it comes to eyes because I have fairly large anime sized eyes in SL so most eyes tend to be on the itty bitty teeny weeny side so they look.. odd. I love my eyes from Glanz because they come in a large size but as gorgeous as they are, they don’t come in a wild array of colors so I’ve had to keep shopping around for weirder colors. I specifically had gone in search of some red eyes to use with my Drow skins so I hopped over to OnRez and did a bit of browsing. I came across these eyes from Happa and I have to say, they are lovely. I ended up going for the pack of 11 eyes for L$ 250 and I am very pleased. The price is right and the eyes are gorgeous. One thing I really liked about the eyes is that when your eyes inevitably roll back into your head these eyes are elongated so you don’t get a huge expanse of eye white. Each pair of eyes comes with 2 pupil sizes, large and normal. I opted for the large pupil size and I love the look. The individual colors are only available on OnRez but you can find the full pack as well as a demo in world. Yay for new eyes! Oh and view the picture large to really see it.

4-26 Blog 1

Happa Spirit Eyes

Eyes – [Spirit Eyes by Happa (in world or OnRez]
Dress – [Mourning Minnu Gown by Kyoot Army]
Hair – [Gwen by ETD]
Skin – [Seductress by {Frick}]
Ears – [Mystic Ear: Elfin/Drow by Illusions]
Piercing – [The Line by Deviant Kitties]

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