I saw a picture on AlterEgo Trip Svenska’s Flickr stream about wanting a goblin hat in SL and I knew somewhere in the depths of my inventory I had a hat that kinda was like that.. and sure enough I found a Knitted Hat from Onigiri (formerly Inspired.) It’s sooooo cute! I love how the little ears on top of the hat are flexi so they kinda flap about as I move, adorable! But omg, what a pain trying to fit hair under there lol. That’s a problem with any hat that doesn’t have the hair built in but on the same token, it gives the wearer the flexibility to pick their own hair to wear. I butchered this hair from ETD to cram it under there lol. Yay for copy permissions. And a little spot of shameless self promotion, I now have a subscriber kiosk right outside my main store in Blackmount! And best of all, joining my group won’t count against your 25! Woot!

I can’t log into SL for some unknown and very obnoxious reason so no slurls here.. and I can’t remember where the pants are from so as soon as I am able to get on, I’ll post that as well.





Hat from Onigiri
Jacket from *BP
Hair from ETD
Skin from {Frick}
Piercings from Deviant Kitties
Boots from 69
Tank top from Last Call
Kitty Tail from Hybrid

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